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SoFlo in the sand (Dubai)

We present to you a little preview of what’s to come from our SoFlo in Dubai tour a few months ago. Skating doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, and it showed over in the Middle East. Took some falls, whiped some blood, maybe lost a Gopro or two. But we made it. Even in the 115 degree heat.

Take a look at the boys taking some spills, and get ready for what’s to come.

Featuring: Jon Fromm, Justin Finley, George Holmquist, Muhammad Muhammad, and more


Blades In The Glades

BLADES IN THE GLADES is the SECOND competition in FLORIDA, BLADES IN THE GLADES is part of the FLORIDA CIRCUIT, 3 competitions trough out the entire year.
Make sure to come out to the FLORIDA for the POW-WOW


Under 18 Division Results:
1) Anthony Geneva
2) Ben Asmon
3) Zack Roman

1) Austin Welker
2) Luis Corrales
3) Alex Teichen

1. Roman Daricek ($150)
2. Yasmany CM ($100)
3. John Salt
4. Kenrick Chiocca
5. Zack Pollak
6. Yandriel Silverio


Central Florida Rolling, Frankie Terrenova, Aggressive Mall, Vibralux, SkateLifeTv, RAZOR, Inline Warehouse, Dub Caesar, Ground Control, United World Rolling.



What an amazing weekend. Can’t thank you guys enough for coming out to the contest and the premiere. Hope you all enjoyed the video. I’ll have copies available next month.
Congrats to Wake Schepman and the rest of the top ten at Bladesgiving 3! See you at the SoFloOpen and Pow-wow!

1.Wake Schepman, PA, Razors, Denial $520

2. Kevin Lapierre, Canada, Rollerblade, Scribe, $250
3. Roman Daricek, Naples, $150
4. Eric Michael, Tampa
5. Kenrick Chiocca, Weston
6. Dre Powell, San Diego, Razors, Ground Control, BHC
7. Joey Chase, Orlando, SSM, Ground Control, Fester
8. Ian Forgette, Colorado
9. Zack Pollak, Weston
10. Lydell Lockett, Tampa

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